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Baseball’s ‘Spiderman’ Josh Reddick makes amazing double catch

It's not even March yet, when the MLB season begins, so it's impossible for baseball to have its catch of the year already, right?

Nothing that happens in a spring training exhibition game counts, right?

Not to mention the first day of spring training exhibition games, right?


Right, Josh Reddick!?

Uh-oh, Reddick has other ideas.

Look at the frame-by-frame of the catch he made Wednesday in the Oakland Athletics' first exhibition game against the San Francisco Giants:

1. Looks like this one's heading out of the ground...

2. It is heading out. And that's a 10-foot wall by the way...

3. Playing to the fans - this is an exhibition game after all...

4. Surely not?! He's only gone and done it!

5. And, cool as you like, Reddick shrugs it off and strolls infield.

Holy beard power.

The ball came off the bat of new Giants slugger Mike Morse, who later hit another one to the wall in right field that had a chance to leave the yard.

Reddick leapt and stole that one too, as you'll see in the second half of the video below:

Reddick jumped on Twitter after the game and fired off a humble joke:


We have a long way to go before we find out if Reddick's is the ‘catch of the year’. But the rest of the outfielders in MLB now know where the bar sits.

Mike Oz | Big League Stew