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5 crazy things you missed: Savage’s airport blunder, bizarre WC toilets, Sharapova on the tube

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Often some of the funniest, most interesting and quirky moments at sports events go almost unnoticed, rarely featured in reports or blog posts.

So here are five ridiculous things you may not have already seen or heard about from the last few days in the sporting world.

Did you see anything particularly noteworthy that passed off without mention? Feel free to bring it to our attention in the comments section below...

1) YES, IT'S MY WIFE'S PASSPORT! - Savage almost misses World Cup flight after passport cock-up

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Robbie Savage (Twitter)

Yes, it's really true: BBC pundit Robbie Savage nearly missed his flight to Brazil for the World Cup after trying to use his wife’s passport.

The Welshman initially thought the lady at the check-in desk was just starstruck, but it was actually because he had accidentally brought his wife Sarah Savage’s passport instead of his own.

The pair have been married since 2002 and Sarah has long blonde hair like her husband. He tweeted after the debacle: "I’m going to have to tell my wife to get her haircut!" What a mess - the situation, we mean.

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2) WOW, OKAY, THIS COULD BE AWKWARD - Italy stars struck by the intimacy of the toilet situation in Brazil

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Peculiar toilet set-ups are clearly de rigueur at major international sporting events in 2014.

Italy's Andrea Ranocchia obviously wasn't following the major stories at Sochi particularly closely.

[A loo with a view? New toilet gaffe in Sochi]

He's puzzled by the twin toilets he's encountered in Italy's training ground.

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