Yikes! Serena Williams tweets pic of hugely swollen ankle

When Serena Williams claimed in her post-match interview that injury had cost her the chance of Australian Open victory, and said that her ankle was "this big"  while moving her hands in the air to denote a watermelon-sized object, the world of tennis raised its eyebrows and chuckled at what seemed like a bit of innocent exaggerating to make her point.

But as the grotesquely swollen limb you see on the bottom of this page shows, there was no hyperbole about her claims. Because while it may look like a prop from The Nutty Professor, the limb below is actually Serena Williams's right ankle, courtesy of Serena's Twitter feed.

Williams lost to American Sloane Stephens in her quarter-final at the Australian Open, the first time a younger American had ever beaten Serena and while it was a huge upset a lot had to do with the health of Williams.

Hopefully the ankle, and Serena, will return to form when the French Open rolls around in late May.

Serena Williams's ankle (@serenawilliams)

Shane Bacon / Yahoo! / Eurosport