Djokovic shows off amazing football talents

Anybody who has seen any of the Australian Open over the last fortnight will know that Novak Djokovic is blessed with sublime tennis skills.

But the Serbian star got a chance to show off his skills in a different sport during the final against Andy Murray on Sunday: football.

The world number one faced a ball being returned to him by Murray at two games all in the second set, but with his preceding shot having gone out the point had already gone to the Scot.

Yet rather than ignore the ball or deflect it to a ball boy, Djokovic leapt into the air and kicked it as hard is he could with remarkable timing and power.

The ball flew a good 100ft through the air, almost reaching the crowd at the other end of the court.

Djokovic had his problems with footwear during the match - he slipped over badly in the opening set, though still rescued the point as our video below shows - but while his trainers may not have been ideal for tennis they're obviously pretty good for football.