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Top 10 most memorable stories from Sochi Winter Games

Now that the Sochi Olympics are over take a look back at some of the most memorable moments from the Games.

1. Huge figure skating controversy - read original story

Russian figure skater Adelina Sotnikova beat reigning champion Yuna Kim, and won the gold medal in women's singles, but not without controversy. Many, including US figure skater Ashley Wagner, questioned the judges for what was perceived as home-ice favouritism.

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2. Speedskater forgets she's naked under her suit - read original story

For Russia's Olga Graf, a 'wardrobe malfunction' very nearly saw her embarrassed in a big way on her special day. Graf unzipped her skintight suit almost to her waist, not realising that she was not wearing anything underneath. "I totally forgot," Graf said. "You just want to breathe and you want to take off your suit."

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3. Amazing tribute to late freestyle star Sarah Burke - read original story

Canada's coach carried Sarah Burke's ashes down a halfpipe run and spread them on the Olympic rings to honour the freestyle skier whose tragic death robbed her of a chance to fulfil her Games dream. Burke, a pioneer of the sport who was a driving force in getting the halfpipe event on the Sochi programme, died in a training accident in 2012 at the age of 29.

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4. The saddest Olympic medal faces ever - read original story

Team USA reacted to their 3-2 overtime loss to Canada in the women's ice hockey gold medal game with horror and dismay. Perhaps one of the most enduring images of the Sochi Winter Games, Team USA showed the world that securing an Olympic medal is not always something to be happy about. The team carried those emotions through the medal ceremony where they looked utterly distraught to even be there.

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5. Lebanese skier has to apologise for racy topless photos - read original story

Lebanese skier Jacky Chamoun had to apologise after photos and a video from a shoot three years ago surfaced on the internet, causing a stir in her Arab nation. "I want to apologize to all of you, I know that Lebanon is a conservative country and this is not the image that reflects our culture. I fully understand if you want to criticise this," she said.

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6. Huge petition from enraged fans over Russian's gold - read original story

More than 1 million signatories have put their names to a petition — titled "Open Investigation into Judging Decisions of Women's Figure Skating and Demand Rejudgement at the Sochi Olympics" — hoping to force an official inquiry. That was after Adelina Sotnikova of Russia won the gold medal in the women's figure skating over South Korea's Yuna Kim.

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7. Sochi show ends with self-deprecating joke - read original story

Russian organisers of the Winter Games made a light-hearted joke at their own expense on Sunday when, at the closing ceremony, they referred back to the moment during the opening ceremony when one of the five Olympic rings failed to unfurl. At the closing ceremony, while dancers in shimmering silver tops formed four perfect rings, one group remained in a tight formation, and only opened to complete the symbol when viewers at a packed Fisht Stadium had cheered the joke loudly.

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8. Curling is more dangerous than skiing with guns - read original story

The British Journal of Sports Medicine has published new research into injury rates in the various winter sports and quite unbelievably, curling turned out to be just as dangerous as ski jumping - and more dangerous than luge or biathlon. You read that right. Sliding a stone gently down an ice rink is as risky as launching yourself off a giant ramp attached to the side of a mountain or sliding down a tube of hard-packed ice at nearly 100mph while lying back on a glorified tea tray.

Britain's David Murdoch; careful there, Davey boy!

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9. Sprinter-bobsledder comes so close to golden double - read original story

Lauryn Williams of the United States came within a tenth of a second of becoming the first woman to win gold in both the Summer and Winter Olympics. Had Williams won gold, it would have been the second of her Olympic career, just 18 months after the first: she was part of the winning quartet in the women's 4x100m at London 2012.

Lauryn Williams celebrates gold in London and silver in Sochi

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10. Remember all that controversy about loos in Sochi? Read original story

Photos of multiple toilets being placed in the same cubicle, loos 'with a view' and a toilet that replicated the experience of leaning over the edge of a huge hill before a crucial ski-jump all graced our screens in the weeks leading up to the Sochi Games. What was it with toilets in Russia? Well, we have all now been enlightened as to the variety that we can be greeted with after opening a toilet door.

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What were your most memorable moments of the Sochi Olympic Games? Post your comments and favourite stories below.

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