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A loo with others having a view? New toilet gaffe in Sochi

What is it with Sochi and bizarre toilet set ups?

With the opening ceremony getting proceedings under way on Friday, the attention has switched back again to some of the strange facilities in the Russian host city.

The state of the athletes' rooms and canteens has been questioned while the construction of many of the key buildings in the Olympic village have been criticised.

But it is the toilets that have been the focus of much consternation, rather surprisingly.

Photos of multiple toilets being placed in the same cubicle raised eyebrows a few weeks ago, but this is surely even stranger.

Equally, there was the rather more impressive 'panoramic loo'. The walls of this toilet are decorated with a mountain panorama wallpaper and skis on the floor at the "Red Fox" restaurant in the winter sport resort of Rosa Khutor.

Then there was the half-constructed toilet where the lid could not even be raised. Yep.

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At first glance the latest 'loo gaffe' seems that this toilet would at least provide privacy in the sense that no one else is using one in the same area.

However, a glance to the left shows a row of chairs effectively providing a 'viewing area' of the toilet seat.

Is this latest photo an unconvincing proposal for a new Olympic sport, or just another huge gaffe?

Either way, the construction workers at Sochi should really start to head down the more traditional route when it comes to setting up toilets.