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The most bizarre Olympic torch relay ever

The Olympic flame's torch relay ahead of the Sochi 2014 Winter Games has been the longest, most ambitions, most extraordinary and most accident-prone in the history of the Games.

On the one hand, the 40,000-mile, 14,000-leg relay has done things nobody ever thought possible: taking the flame below the surface of a lake, taking it into space, taking it up on a jetpack or taking it on to the top of a stunning, remote mountaintop.

And on the other hand, it's been a catalogue of absurdities and gaffes, from the go-karts and camels to the three men who've been set on fire by the flame... and best of all, one bloke re-lighting the flame with a Zippo in his pocket rather than using the official back-up that had been carried carefully all the way from Greece.

Now, the relay has taken an equally unexpected but rather more tragic turn: a 73-year-old wrestling coach had a fatal heart attack during his 218-yard leg of the torch relay.

One thing is for sure: this Olympic torch relay will never be forgotten.