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The bizarre fashion craze that’s sweeping Sochi

Stray dogs and Olympic medals aren't the only things American athletes are bringing home from the Sochi Games.

They've apparently gone to Russia and fallen in love with onesies. Yes, like babies, toddlers and off-duty NFL stars wear.

As the New York Times tells us, there's a store in Sochi called One Piece that's become a popular shopping destination for tourists and Olympians alike. Here, for example, is Team USA snowboarder Greg Bretz modelling a stars-and-stripes onesie:

Here are some German bobsledders:

A couple U.S. Olympians fancy themselves as trendsetters and see one-piece pyjama suits catching on back home (where, to be honest, some people are already 'bout that onesie life). But back to Sochi, here's more from The Times:

"I guarantee this is going to catch on in the States," said Cory Butner, an American bobsledder who admired the onesies in the shop window on a recent afternoon. "In three months, they’ll be all over the States.”

What is the draw for the Olympians? Sure, they like to be comfortable when not in training. And many of them are used to wearing singlets. But there is something strange about seeing so many athletic savants wearing oversized pyjamas.

They shrug at quadruple flips three stories in the air and laugh at 90-miles-per-hour slides down ice chutes, but putting on pants and a shirt? Unbearably daunting. Better to give in and zip up.

"They’re just cool," said Steven Langton, another American bobsledder. "They’re the wave of the future."

One Piece has embraced the Olympic attention by getting pretty active on social media, including an Instagram account that documents when athletes come into the store.

If you weren't already awww'd by the onesie phenomenon, get prepared. It's coming. They even have onesies for dogs — either your beloved pets or those poor Sochi strays. C'mon. Just look at this picture. Awwww.

Mike Oz, Yahoo! US / Fourth-Place Medal