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Athletes arrive and reaction from Sochi’s Social Network

Preparations are in full swing with the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics just seven days away.

When Australian snowboarder Torah Bright arrives, we'll know what is in her suitcase.

While the US bobsleigh ladies have already hit the gym.

The Germans are often the first to get their towels down but it was the Brits who were the first to get their flags down.

Here are the British team in full.

GB's top Alpine Skier made a successful return to World Cup action last weekend after injury.

She earned applause from an Olympic medallist.

However another US Alpine star has to be content with commentating on the Games due to injury.

The final word has to go to the Mexican downhill skier Hubertus Von Hohenlohe, who is also a German prince, and will be sporting this splendid Olympic outfit.