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Amazing show every time a hockey goal is scored

The Bolshoi Ice Dome is home to the marquee men’s hockey games in the Sochi Olympics.

Every time there’s a game on the ice, the roof above it lights up with the national flags of the teams in the game, as well as the scoreboard. It can be viewed from around the Olympic Park, in the Olympic Village and, we imagine, from parts of Mars.

But things get really interesting when one of those teams scores a goal, as Sweden did twice in the first period against the Czech Republic on Wednesday: the scoreboard changes, and an incredible animation flashes across the roof depicting an exploding puck and the word 'GOAL.'

Here comes the puck!

That’s more than 38,000 LED lights flashing around the roof every night at the Bolshoy Ice Dome.

So on top of everything else that comes along with being an Olympian, hockey players have the chance to not only light the lamp but also the stadium. Pretty cool.

Puck Daddy / Yahoo! Sports USA