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Kiss goodbye to the ‘Dad of the Year’ award, plus nine other idiot fans

The Rundown

An absent-minded dad has become an unwitting internet star after a hilarious clip of him letting his toddler almost plunge to his doom went viral around the internet.

The dad in question was enjoying the sunshine at pre-season training match between the Florida Marlins and the New York Mets when he decided to try and collect a ball that had been sent soaring over the fence for a home run.

Unfortunately, in his excitement he clean forgot that he was supposed to be keeping hold of his little boy's buggy - and as he turned around (having failed to claim the ball) he seemed first shocked, then horrified to find that his little one was no longer where he'd been left.

He dived sharply down the hill to make a decent recovery and stop the buggy smashing into the back of the advertising boards - but we'd still say it's a safe bet that a few harsh words passed between toddler and dad in the car on the way home. His hopes of collecting a 'Father of the Year' nomination for 2014 are pretty much shot to pieces, for starters.

He's far from the first fan to become famous across the internet for his idiocy, however, so we decided to lessen the unknown dad's pain by sharing some other imbecility from other supporters across the world who should have known better.

Take this fan who, rather than try and catch the ball, jumped out of the way of his girlfriend to let it hit her - having unsighted her by standing in front of her to the last minute to give her the least possible chance. They say chivalry is dead, and this shows that they're right:

It could be worse: she could have been going out with this bloke - - who 'surprised' his other half by secretly arranging their marriage to take place on match day at Stoke City.
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Subjecting a grown-up woman to insult or injury is a minor crime compared to this clown, who looked disgracefully pleased with himself despite his idiocy:
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This numpty shared the same crime, running down a tiny tot for the sake of a free baseball.

He is run close for title of "worst person ever" by Sean Leonard and Shannon Moore, who were widely vilified for steal a ball from a crying boy :

You don't have to travel to America to watch baseball in order to find dunderheads, however. A trip to Selhurst Park will do just as well, where it seems the desire to kepe in line with early 1990s fashion trends is more important than not being blinded by the sun.

Failing to grasp the basics of inanimate objects - - seems to be a common theme among the bird-brained - though we'd not tell that to this guy's face:

Random, unprovoked attacks on inanimate objects are also often seen among idiots, as these Newcastle fans showed while destroying a Sunday League team's goals on their way to an away match

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And finally, to prove that fans don't have the monopoly on epic fails, take a look this ball girl at a baseball match showed when she inexplicable picked up a ball that was still live - .

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