The Rundown

F1′s 10 bitterest team-mate feuds

Is Mark Webber's feud with Sebastian Vettel the most bitter between team-mates in Formula One history?

Take a look at our top 10 and judge for yourself.

1- Alain Prost v Ayrton Senna

Formula One's most iconic rivalry. The bad blood between the McLaren team-mates reached its peak in 1989 after Senna ignored a 'non-aggression' pact in San Marino. At the season's climax, Prost and Senna collided at Suzuka, handing the title to the Frenchman. The following year Senna gained revenge when he punted Prost - now of Ferrari - off at the first corner to clinch the title for himself.

2- Mark Webber v Sebastian Vettel

A feud had been simmering since the Red Bull colleagues took each other out in 2010, and boiled over in Malaysia on Sunday. Vettel ignored team orders and overtook Webber, who had turned his engine down. The German apologised, but you can't help suspecting he would do it again.

3- Nigel Mansell v Nelson Piquet

It was no secret that the Williams team-mates could not stand each other - and their intense rivalry arguably cost them both the title in 1986 when they finished second and third behind Prost. They have now patched up their relationship.

4- Jochen Mass v James Hunt

Hunt exploded with rage when Mass blocked his McLaren colleague from overtaking at the 1977 Canadian Grand Prix. The pair collided, and Hunt was subsequently fined $2,000 for assaulting a marshal and another $750 for walking back to the pits in an unsafe manner.

5- Mario Andretti v Carlos Reutemann

One of the earliest intra-team feuds in F1 followed Reutemann's move to Lotus. The pair were soon not speaking to each other, and Reutemann bolted for Williams at the end of the season.

6- Gilles Villeneuve v Didier Pironi

Fans of Gilles Villeneuve blame Didier Pironi for contributing to his death by 'stealing' victory at the 1982 San Marino GP. Villeneuve was incensed by Pironi overtaking him while the Canadian, leading a Ferrari one-two, slowed to manage fuel and tyres. He never spoke to Pironi again, declaring "From now on, it's war". Two weeks later in Belgium Villeneuve died in qualifying as he tried to beat his team-mate's time.

7- Michael Schumacher v Eddie Irvine

A small (and possibly apocryphal) story to illustrate the difference between these two personalities. Schumacher enters a hotel, bar and Irvine shouts: "Michael, come and have a drink with us!" Schumacher declines:"No thanks, I don't drink alcohol. I can't." Irvine: "Why? Are you pregnant?"

8- Alain Prost v Nigel Mansell

An atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust prevailed between them at Ferrari in 1990. On one occasion, Prost complained that Mansell had a faster car, so they were swapped without the Manxman's knowledge.

9- Lewis Hamilton v Fernando Alonso

An increasingly bitter rivalry came to a head in Hungary in 2007 when Alonso impeded his McLaren team-mate in the pits and was stripped of pole position as a consequence. Hamilton subsequently suffered racial abuse from a small minority of Spanish fans.

10- Kimi Raikkonen v Juan Pablo Montoya

The Colombian was often accused of recklessness at McLaren, and never more so with the manoeuvre that lost him his job, slamming into Raikkonen at the first corner of the US GP in 2006.

And one to watch in the future? Nico Rosberg v Lewis Hamilton

Rosberg was diplomacy personified after Mercedes ordered him not to overtake Hamilton in Malaysia on Sunday. But Rosberg - the senior driver in Mercedes terms - was desperately unhappy not to be allowed to pass his far slower colleague. This has the potential to blow up.