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How did we do in 2013? A review of our predictions throughout the year

Sports pundits, journalists and bloggers are constantly sounding off about what will happen, should happen, or might happen.

Not that there's anything wrong with that: speculation about different possibilities is part of the fun of anticipation when it comes to any sporting event, and the delight at having our expectations exceeded is what keeps us coming back for more. What fun it was predicting disaster for Britain at the Olympics, for example - and how much sweeter was the subsequent rush of gold, given how unexpected it was?

So we've no problem with predictions - but too often those prognostications are made without anyone ever getting held to account. Thus, in the spirit of transparency and healthy self-criticism, here's a selection of our foresight from 2013 so you can see how we did.

- - - - - - -

Prediction: "Arsenal stake early claim for crisis club tag after calamitous opening game"

Sample quote: "Can you really trust Wenger, Gazidis and the Arsenal board to put things right in what remains of the transfer window, given how shambolic the summer has been for the club so far?As long as the bank balance remains untouched and Arsenal's glaring problems go unaddressed, Wenger's authority, or what remains of it, erodes further."

Rating: 5/10. It turns out that Arsenal did remember how to spend money after all, and with it all going on Mesut Ozil they look genuine title contenders for the first time in a decade.

- - -

Prediction: Why Jose Mourinho would be mad to go back to Chelsea

Sample quote: "While it would be huge fun to see Mourinho back - not to mention making for a string of great stories for us - we at The Rundown firmly believe that the Portuguese boss is making a mistake."

Rating: 6/10. The Blues are right in the thick of the title race, and made it through the Champions League group stage despite two wobbles against Basel. But it's not been the triumphant return many expected.

- - -

Prediction: Wimbledon has been so crazy this year, we'll probably get a British winner

Sample quote: "Wimbledon has, by any definition, been a strange tournament this year. But only once you lay it all out do you realise just what an unusual edition of the tournament we are witnessing. And in the spirit of strange, could the strangest thing of all happen and a British winner be crowned?"

Rating: 10/10. Bullseye!

- - -

Prediction: RVP will go from strength to strength

Sample quote: "Now that he has found a team worthy of his talent, and with his regular supply of goals ensuring United keep picking up points at such an impressive rate, 2013 looks set to finally be a year of professional fulfilment for English football's best player."

Rating: 2/10. English football's best player sure as hell ain't Robin van Persie any more. He's not even in the top three players in Manchester...

- - -

Prediction: United will win the 2013/14 title by seven points

Sample quote: "Manchester United will win the Premier League by seven points this season according to our statistical partner Infostrada's Euro Club Index. Their statistical model is based on the last four years of results and successfully predicted last season's Premier League top seven in the correct order and outperformed bookmakers' pre-season odds in its forecasts of the eventual points per club."

Rating: 1/10. Short of the shock return of Cristiano Ronaldo in January, not even the most rabid Red Devils fan would predict a title win for United on current form... let alone an easy stroll to the trophy.

- - -

Prediction: The League is City's to lose

Sample quote: "Manchester City can look forward to the start of the 2013-14 campaign with an absurd amount of talent at their disposal. With promises of attacking football and a variety of exciting midfielders at his disposal, a potentially bright future awaits the City faithful under Pellegrini. If Manchester City play at a consistently high-level, bound together by Pellegrini's formation and tactics, then the Premier League title is surely theirs to lose next season."

Rating: 6.5/10. City have had their problems - not least away from home - but are without doubt the most exciting team in Britain right now, and one of the most exciting in Europe.

- - -

Prediction: Rory McIlroy's move to Nike spells doom for his career

Sample quote: "Even the much-ballyhooed Nike advert with Tiger, while light and fun, feels unnatural. Rivals don't need to hate each other, but a little intensity and dislike makes sports a little more vibrant. It feels like both guys are compromising a little bit too much for the Almighty Dollar."

Rating: 9/10. McIlroy has indeed looked a shadow of his former self - and the man himself has admitted that off-course activities have affected his game in 2013.

- - -

Prediction: Steer clear of Eto'o and bank on Lukaku

Sample quote: "Although Eto’o still has an eye for goal, the stats suggest his performances are not consistent. In terms of Squawka Awards, he has been voted the Worst Attacking player and the Worst Man in the team already this season. Chelsea already have a brilliantly talented striker at the club in the form of Romelu Lukaku. His progress on loan at West Brom has been sensational, and the fact he scored an impressive 17 goals in 35 appearances suggested he is ready to take on the challenge at Chelsea."

Rating: 10/10. Chelsea would be eight points clear at Christmas if only Jose Mourinho had read this article.

- - -

Prediction: Spurs will definitely finish above Arsenal this season

Sample quote: "The reason we are sticking our necks out on this one is an overwhelming supply of omens that suggest that this season is the season that Tottenham’s drought ends."

Rating: 0/10. Looking about as likely as Arsene Wenger quitting the Emirates mid-season to become a goatherd.