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Meet ‘Brazuca’ – the official ball of the 2014 World Cup

On Wednesday evening FIFA unveiled its official ball for the 2014 World Cup, which in 2012 was named 'Brazuca' following a public vote in Brazil which involved more than one million fans.


The official match ball’s design is said to be “inspired by vibrant colours, passion and heritage of Brazil.” Its name is a term used by natives of the country, meaning 'Brazilian' or to describe the Brazilian way of life.

The ball was unveiled during a spectacular 3D event held at the iconic Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro, but went through a rigorous two-and-a-half-year testing process which involved more than 600 of the world’s top players.

Players such as Lionel Messi, Iker Casillas, Bastian Schweinsteiger and former France international Zinedine Zidane were all involved in the process and have since signed off on its use for next year’s World Cup.

Adidas say the technology used will “meet and exceed all FIFA metrics” and will “ensure top performance for every condition.”

“A new structural innovation with a unique symmetry of six identical panels alongside a different surface structure will provide improved grip, touch, stability and aerodynamics on the pitch. Brazuca has been thoroughly tested to meet and exceed all FIFA metrics for an official match ball, ensuring top performance for every condition,” an Adidas statement read.

Barcelona and Brazil full-back Dani Alves expressed his satisfaction and excitement at using the ball in his home country next year. He said: "My first impression of Brazuca is of a ball that is fantastic and we’re going to have a lot of fun with it. Adidas has created an incredible-looking ball fitting for a tournament as big as the FIFA World Cup. Most importantly it plays well on the ground and in the air. I'm sure all the players will love it. It's increased my levels of excitement even further and I honestly cannot wait for the opening game!”

Spain’s World Cup winning captain Iker Casillas said: “Brazuca has a stunning design that feels inspired by Brazil. Now the ball has been launched the tournament feels a lot closer. I’m looking forward to playing in Brazil with a great ball. Hopefully with Brazuca we can get the same result as in 2010.”

Now Brazuca even has its own Twitter account...

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