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Brazil fans burn Neymar shirt in disgust

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We weren't overly enamoured of the mawkish way the Brazil team held up Neymar's shirt before kick-off yesterday - but we wouldn't go so far as to burn it.

But that's what disgruntled fans were doing after they saw their side routed 7-1.

That angry young man talking directly to the camera is denouncing all things related to Brazilian football, saying: "Brazil isn't worth a thing. They think that's football. That's not football at all. That's an illusion. Shame - here, at the Brazilian World Cup."

He obviously wasn't impressed with Germany's masterly display of dominance, then.

It wasn't just Neymar merchandise put to the flames, though; there were also Brazil flags being burnt.

It's safe to say that the fans' burning anger won't be dying down any time soon.

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