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Riddick Bowe tells Liverpool supporters: ‘I hope you die’

Since retiring from the world of boxing, Riddick Bowe has created his fair share of peculiar headlines.

First, he got himself beaten up in a kickboxing ring for a payday.

Then, he announced an intention to become a professional wrestler, even confirming his debut on these very shores in Preston - which would have taken place this weekend, ironically - had he not withdrawn from that.

But former world heavyweight champion Bowe's latest publicity is about as low as it gets:

Look - we know pretty much everyone who follows football but doesn't support Liverpool finds their supporters irksome, but really, Riddick!?

Understandably, his extremely-strong Twitter trolling triggered the desired effect - there were plenty of angry replies from LFC fans which we simply cannot print here, as well as support from Everton fans, presumably simply because a famous person was very vocally siding with them over their local rivals - no matter how offensively he did so.

We got the impression that Mr. Bowe (or his publicist) realised he had taken a step too far when he tried to cool hostilities with Liverpool supporters:




It was too little, too late, however.

Whatever project Riddick decides to pursue next, we would hope there's time to squeeze in a spot of 'banter training' first.

And if he does manage to revive his plans to take part in professional wrestling in England, perhaps the North West of the country isn't such a good idea anymore...