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Shocking scenes as entire stand collapses at match in India

In what were shocking and distressing scenes, an entire football stand collapsed just before a football match in India.

More than 100 people are believed to have sustained injuries at the football tournament in Bekal, Kerala as a whole gallery collapsed.

The disastrous incident occurred just before the start of the opening match of the tournament between Saban Kottakkal and Mohammadans Mouval while a boy juggled a football out on the pitch.

All the injured persons are understood to have been admitted to hospitals in Mangalore and surrounding areas.

The chief guests had already arrived at the ground and saw the stand collapse right in front of their eyes at the Bekal Brothers Sports Club.

The Bekal police have now registered a criminal case against the Bekal Brothers Sports Club with safety requirements alleged to have been breached.

Around 1,500 people were at the ground as the stand - which was reportedly made up of wooden planks and iron rods - collapsed in shocking fashion.

Fire service personnel and policemen were on hand quickly to prevent additional injuries with the tournament postponed indefinitely as a result of the incident.

The reason given for the incident was the heavy rain that hit the area over the weekend, which according to officials had made the wood moist.

The event is all the more alarming given that the 2017 FIFA U17 World Cup is to be held in India with even the most basic facilities now being heavily scrutinised.