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European Power Rankings: Real Madrid lose touch with Barca

Ronaldo reactsFor much of 2012, the dominance of Barcelona and Real Madrid of these rankings looked pretty much unshakeable.

But Real have apparently conceded La Liga to Barcelona, and it shows. An embarrassing defeat to lowly Granada means they are over 300 points behind their biggest rivals, and in danger of being caught by Manchester United, who continue to scrape out results in spite of everything.

There is little change in the upper echelons, as has often been the way, with the top eight remaining, as the Bundesliga continues to represent ahead of Serie A, with Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund wedged above Milan and Juventus.

Paris Saint-Germain’s tough march to Ligue 1 means they rise, and while fans and detractors of English football will note that Arsenal and Chelsea continue to struggle domestically, there is good news for Spurs and Everton, who both move up a few places, with the Toffees just outside the top 20.


To determine our Power Rankings, we use the Euro Club Index, which scientifically analyses hundreds of thousands of matches from the top divisions in all European nations as well as Europa League and Champions League games.

The Index takes into account all matches played over an eight-year period but with recent results carrying more weight than older ones.

The performance of a league's teams in the Champions League and Europa League reflects the rise or fall of the sporting level in that league.

So, for example, if English teams perform well in Europe, all Premier League teams receive a small bonus in their ECI score. The ranking and its predictive power are thus made even more accurate.

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