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Was Wilfried Zaha latest to have dig at David Moyes?

At times like this in Manchester United’s woeful season, one wonders if David Moyes has had enough heaped on him.

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What could make it worse? Well, having his own players stick the boot in.

And on Monday, that’s exactly what Wilfried Zaha, currently on loan at Cardiff after finding his chances under Moyes limited, appeared to do:

Zaha would go on to insist that the Instagram post was not a dig at Moyes:

Those tweets were subsequently deleted, and it’s difficult to see anything other than a passive-aggressive statement in his original choice of words.

What do you think? Has Zaha crossed the line by digging at the man who, for now, is still technically his boss? Or has he indeed been mis-understood by those angry United fans quick to call him out on Twitter and other internet forums?

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