Did Suarez dive to win penalty against Villa?


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A rousing comeback saw Liverpool come from 2-0 down to draw Aston Villa at Anfield in a thrilling Premier League clash on Saturday.

Luis Suarez did not find the net for once, but he was still the subject of the post-match talking point.

The Uruguay striker earned his side a penalty with the score at 2-1, which Steven Gerrard converted.

Many believe Suarez dived under the challenge from Villa goalkeeper Brad Guzan, who appeared to pull out when he realised he would collide with the former Ajax star.

Certainly Guzan, having initially committed to the challenge, seemed to withdraw his arms in an attempt to avoid striking Suarez, who went down theatrically after nicking the ball first.

However, some pundits and fans feel that the American keeper’s hand may have struck Suarez’s leg: and when you’re going at that speed, all it takes is the merest contact to put you off balance.

Here's a shot from another angle in case you need some more help:

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The Hairdryer is undecided – Suarez’s history makes him a target for diving accusations, but you cannot base refereeing decisions on prior form. Only the players know if there really was contact.

The replays proved inconclusive - from some angles, it looks like simulation, but from others you can see Guzan's arm come perilously close to Suarez's ankle.

Ultimately though it was a reckless challenge and, whether he touched Suarez or not, some of the blame must lie with Guzan.

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