Paul Parker

AVB failed to learn the lessons that saw him sacked by Chelsea

I think you can look at Sunday's defeat to Liverpool as the trigger for Spurs to sack Andre Villas-Boas, but the losses to West Ham United, when Tottenham lost 3-0 to a side who couldn't score a goal, and Newcastle were every bit as damaging.

You can talk about the shots they had against Newcastle, but before they went behind they did nothing against the Toon. Let's not forget the 6-0 beating they got at Manchester City too. This sacking has been coming.

You have to ask: Did Villas-Boas learn from his last job at Chelsea? And the answer to that would have to be no.

I think Spurs are looking for a manager who can say the right things and represent the club properly. AVB had a go at the press and the fans and he hasn't achieved anything yet that gives him the right to have a go at the supporters. Daniel Levy would have seen that.

Not many managers are in a position to criticise their fans like that. AVB wasn't one of them because he hasn't deliverd anything in English football. Sir Alex could do it, and Arsene Wenger could get away it, but that's about it.

He was also still trying to play a negative style of football. Tottenham spent £100 million and the result was not great: Spurs want to compete for the Premier League title, not just for a top-four spot.

Joe Lewis is the owner. He lives in the Bahamas, and has funded AVB to compete for the big crown, not just worry about whether or not they will be in the Champions League next season.

He spent a lot of money on some top players, but did not allow those players to play. He was very negative. Paulinho, for example, is playing well within himself, as if the shackles have been placed on him.

We've yet to see why Spurs have signed guys like Nacer Chadli. Perhaps he has been held back too. There are so many issues in there you have to ask yourself questions about. Why was Villas-Boas leaving Townsend on the side? He was showing a little bit of flair and excitement. The rest have just been like robots.

They are being wrapped up in cotton wool and not being allowed to flourish. It is a bit like Jose Mourinho at Chelsea. He tells players what they can and can't do. You are not going to go out to do tricks every week. You are going to track back and defend whether or not you have flair.

I wonder if AVB watched Roberto Soldado turning out for Valencia. He had midfield players running past him while he was dropping deep to help out. Under AVB he was stuck up there on his own, and no midfielders were helping him out. He is a better player than Spurs are seeing yet everybody is criticising him.

I think Spurs fans must be happy to see the back of AVB having seen some of the worst football you could wish to see in many years. Spurs have always been associated with flair football without having any meat on the bone. At the moment, there is no flair football and no meat on the bone.

I don't think the players respected AVB enough. I'm not sure players really bother listening to a bloke in his mid-30s trying to dictate stuff to them.

AVB was only handed the keys to the door because of his success at Porto when he won the treble including the Europa League. He did great at Porto, but he had the Hulk and Falcao up front for him. He didn't know how to put the jigsaw together at Spurs.

Erik Lamela hasn't hardly appeared this season, but for some reason AVB brings him in at Manchester City away before playing him out of position. How does that make sense for a supposed top European coach?

Spurs now need an experienced manager, who is used to dealing with players at that level, to come in to get Spurs into those Champions League positions. Then they need to see if they can stabilise rather than go to the last game of the season sweating on their final position -  which seems to be an annual thing.

Guus Hiddink is probably not a long-term option. Does he really want to come back to England again having won the FA Cup with Chelsea? Success follows him though, and he has been used to managing players with egos.

I think it will be another foreign coach; I don't think there is another English coach fit for the job. Spurs need somebody to come in and make something happen. They have quality players there at the club, but it is all about handling them properly.

It has to be somebody who is enthusiastic. AVB is enthusiastic, but hasn't learned to smile yet. He hasn't learned to talk to the press in a manner a coach has to be able to do.

Every club is trying to be a brand, and you need a manager who is comfortable fronting up that brand. For somebody so young, AVB was very serious and very monotone. He just wasn't the right fit.