Motor racing driver to act as chauffeur for Christmas party drunks

Motor racing driver Fredy Barth is to donate his time and efforts to help raise money for charity in a very unusual way.

The World Touring Car Championship star is to act as a chauffeur for Christmas party drunks in order to prevent drink driving around the festive period.

This year he has volunteered to work as a chauffeur for Nez Rouge, a campaign to prevent accidents on the road in the Luzern region of Switzerland.

During the Christmas holidays, when the many parties may result in people overindulging and therefore being unfit to drive, Nez Rouge provides sober chauffeurs to drive them safely back home.

The service is entirely free, but passengers are asked to give a voluntary contribution that is then donated to a local charity. Barth is very happy with the work that is being done.

"I look forward every year to this Nez Rouge night," he said. "Firstly, because I, as a racer, can work in the service of this national foundation and make a real contribution to road safety.

"Secondly, because the passengers are very grateful and always friendly. It really is a lot of fun."

Barth will be joined by other familiar faces from the world of motorsport, including Eric Nève (former head of Chevrolet Motorsport) and Andrina Gugger (winner of the ETCC Ladies’ Trophy).

All of the motor racing stars will be at the wheel of vehicles supplied by Jaguar Land Rover Switzerland.

During the first weekend, Barth and his fellow chauffeurs drove back home 62 people in 36 trips, for a total of 1868 km, safely and quickly.

It represents an increase of around 50% over the last year and reflects the amazing work that is being done to prevent drink-related accidents over the holiday season.

Nez Rouge