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60 seconds with Sally Gunnell

Who was your sporting hero growing up?

Nadia Comeneci... Daley Thompson... Ed Moses in the hurdles.

Did you rule school sports day?

I did. I dominated everything from when I was five years old.

Were you any good at the field events when you got older?

I dominated both: I started off in the long jump. And I was good at cricket.

The conviction in your voice makes it sound as important  to you as winning Olympic gold.

It was an influential time in my life, finding out I was so good at something. It was crucial to my development.

So if you were not an athlete, what would you be?

God knows! It's a scary thought. There was nothing else in my mind.

What was your most embarrassing moment as an athlete?

Falling over the last hurdle on one of my first TV appearances. I staggered over the line with my shorts ripped and a gash down my leg. It was in the rain at the UK Championships in Cwmbran. I'll never forget that.

Who would you get to play you in a movie?

I've never been asked that... crikey! I'll go with Jennifer Aniston. I love her in Friends and her films - she seems so down to earth. Hopefully she can run!

What is the greatest song ever recorded?

The song that means most to me is the Barcelona song Freddie Mercury from Queen did with Montserrat Caballe.

Of course.

It plays during the video when I do my talks. It's made many a grown man cry!

You can invite three people, alive or dead, to a dinner party: who are they?

Nelson Mandela... Daley Thompson, as he'd provide the entertainment... and Madonna. She's someone who has been at the top of her game for so many years, re-inventing herself and still looking so good!

Is there anything specific you would want to ask them?

I used to train in South Africa for many years. I'd like to ask Nelson Mandela what he's done to change the country so much, and how he became its President, after being released from jail.

What would you serve up?

A nice slimming Thai chicken curry.

Interview with Jonathan Symcox - on twitter @symco_eurosport

Sally Gunnell was speaking at the official opening of the Mizuno Performance Centre - open to the public between the 24th July and 12th August at Centre Point Building, 101- 103 New Oxford Street. Visit for further details.

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