Jan Molby

Real-United had everything but the gall

Jose Mourinho said Real Madrid's Champions League tie against Manchester United was 50-50, but I'd give United a slight edge.

I said earlier this week that they would have to score three over the two legs to go through, and I haven't changed my mind.

But playing the second leg at home is always an advantage, and I think they will have enough to go through at Old Trafford, especially as they know any win will be enough.

Even though they had chances to win the match, United will be happy with last night's result.

Real Madrid brought their A-game, and proved to anyone who might have doubted it that they are not a one-man team.

Mesut Ozil, Angel Di Maria and Xabi Alonso all played superbly, plus of course Ronaldo rose to the occasion with his brilliant header.

However, Real did look vulnerable at the back. Raphael Varane has been excellent in recent weeks but he was caught out last night.

He had a shaky game and was lucky to stay on the pitch for a challenge on Patrice Evra. The referee didn't even think it was a foul, but if he had given a free-kick it could easily have been a red card as Varane was the last man.

Mourinho has a big decision for the second leg whether to stick with Varane or bring back Pepe, who is not exactly Mr Reliable.

It was a great game, but one thing I found strange was the friendliness between the teams. The match was played in a very good spirit, and Alex Ferguson was effusive in his praise of Ronaldo afterwards.

I also can't understand why Ronaldo refused to celebrate his goal properly. I just don't see how celebrating would be disrespectful to United. He gave them years of service and they got an incredible transfer fee. Why shouldn't he be happy when he scores for his current club?

It's something that has become more prevalent in recent years - in my day players would give it loads if they scored against their former club.

I'd be quite annoyed if I were a Real Madrid fan - why does he feel so much loyalty to United that he can't enjoy the moment of scoring a goal with his new fans?

Healthy respect is good, but sometimes you want that bit of needle to increase the intensity, and that's what we lacked a little bit last night.

I think we'll get that extra edge in the second leg. Ronaldo might get a good reception at the start of the match, but I'm sure Old Trafford will be anything but friendly.

One concern for Ferguson is Rafael, who looked out of his depth at right-back. He's OK at dealing with what he can see in front of them, but he's not the best as spotting danger when there is a lot of movement around him.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Antonio Valencia come in for the second leg, as he is very disciplined at tracking back and helping his right-back out.

David De Gea had a very good game last night, but I think the praise of him has been a little over the top.

He has been criticised harshly by the media, and now I think it has gone too far the other way.

I heard people saying last night he made four or five world class saves - that's not true.

He made one unbelievable save from Fabio Coentrao early on, and the others you would have expected him to make.

He's obviously got an unconventional style, as seen with the 'kung-fu' save in the second half.

When you look at the replay it's clear he could have got to the ball with his hands, but he chose to kick it away.

But I played with a maverick in Bruce Grobbelaar at Liverpool, and as long as the goalkeeper gets the job done, it doesn't matter how he does it.