Jan Molby

City will overpower Barca, but Arsenal face mission impossible

Arsenal have paid the price for failing to finish top of their group. They threw it away really in losing 2-0 at Napoli last week, and only have themselves to blame for winding up with Bayern Munich in the last 16.

I don't think anybody can beat Bayern Munich over two legs in Europe. Not at the moment.

At least the game is a couple of months away, and that will certainly benefit Arsenal because they are not in great shape at the moment.

It will almost be impossible for Arsene Wenger's side given the fact that the first leg is in London. Bayern are as likely to win at the Emirates as the Allianz Arena.

Arsenal will take some hope from winning 2-0 in Germany in the second leg last season, but when it mattered they were well beaten in the first match.

Bayern Munich were a level above them, a much better team.

I can't give Arsenal much hope of progress, but the same would have been said about any team Bayern were drawn against.

You give most teams only a 10-15 percent chance of progressing against Bayern. That is all you can give Arsenal. The German leaders will be well aware of the challenge Arsene Wenger's side will bring. And I think they will prove why they are the best team in Europe.

Manchester City, though, will have too much running and physical power for Barcelona. I compare Barcelona to Manchester United in some ways.

United won the Premier League last year, but we all saw the cracks. They have appeared more and more this year. I think Barca are the same.

They are still doing okay in their own league, but they keep going to war with the same players. Over the years, it has been the same personnel. They haven't really moved on.

I think City will have too much pace and power for Barcelona. Bayern did much the same to Barca last year. I think City can come up with the same sort of performance against them.

Arsenal scored three goals against them at the weekend, but if you can attack like they can, defence isn't too important. Manuel Pellegrini is doing his job in getting the best out of City going forward.

Barca will have plenty of possession, but City can punish them when they get on the ball.

Barca also don't have the Lionel Messi of two years ago. I'm not suggesting he can't reach that level again, but he is not at the moment.

I think Pellegrini will be brave against them.

At £45 million, I'm not convinced Neymar is worth the money. I see the talent, but I will be surprised if he can influence a match against a side as good as Manchester City.

They bought him to influence big games, but I'm not sure he is at that level.

While you worry about Arsenal being at home first against Bayern, City could turn it on. They could put the tie to sleep at home.

Bayern did the same to Barcelona last year. City can do that on the right day. I think they can expose the weaknesses of Barcelona.

It is difficult to go to Turkey, but Chelsea can be content with drawing Galatasaray. I was at the match when they lost 6-1 against 10-man Real Madrid. They have great names in Didier Drogba and Wesley Sneijder, but are not a great team.

You have to pay some respect to a team that knocks out Juventus, but I think it is a perfect tie for Chelsea.

They will be ready for that type of challenge. Mourinho is right when he says he doesn't have a team to win it, but with a bit of luck in the draw, it wouldn't stop them getting to the last four. Just because he knows what it takes.

Manchester United have a great draw with Olympiacos. They will be energetic, and there will be a fantastic atmosphere in Greece, but they are surely a level below United.

I'm not suggesting United will run out big winners. I think the way the draw has panned out, we have some potentially great matches to look forward to.

I like Atletico Madrid. People have an assumption that Barcelona and Real Madrid are next in line to win it after Bayern, but there are others. Borussia Dortmund are in there again having reached the final last year.

I think three English teams should be into the quarter-finals, but Arsenal will have to surpass themselves to join the others.