Jan Molby

Bent would be perfect for Liverpool

It is absolutely staggering that Aston Villa have dropped Darren Bent from their first-team squad and I think bigger clubs than Villa will be in for him when the transfer window opens. Teams like Liverpool, Everton or Arsenal would be delighted to have a goalscorer of his calibre.

There has been speculation Bent is a January target for Brendan Rodgers and I think he would be a fine addition to the Liverpool squad. They rely far too heavily on the goals of Luis Suarez so having someone to share the burden would be beneficial, but Suarez also creates many chances as well and causes havoc in the penalty area. Bent lives off those kind of situations.

It has been suggested that Bent wouldn't fit into Rodgers's system but you could easily play Suarez off him. Suarez likes that floating role anyway. Without the ball he could take up position on the flank and when Liverpool have the ball he could go and buzz around Bent. I think Bent would be absolutely perfect for them.

There might be a loan deal to be done but there won't be a shortage of clubs willing to take on a player who almost guarantees a goal. If it is a permanent deal then the financial side of things could prove problematic for Liverpool, but a club like QPR, Arsenal or even Chelsea might be in for him.

This time last year he was widely considered to be England's first-choice striker and Aston Villa's only hope of goals. He carried that club on his own at times last season and I find it amazing that not only has he now been dropped from the team, he finds himself out of the squad entirely.

The one thing that Villa need at the moment is goals and Bent has shown throughout his career that he provides them. At every club he has been at - apart from Spurs - his record is fantastic and his goals stack up.

I know that Paul Lambert places a strong emphasis on work rate, but there is nothing more important in football than goals. It is incredible that he feels he can leave £24 million of goalscorer out of the squad when Villa are in their current predicament. It doesn't make sense whichever way you look at it.

On Tuesday night they even had Jordan Bowery on the bench ahead of Bent. He signed from Chesterfield this summer and has no experience at the top level. Bent has 100 Premier League goals - the same as Didier Drogba. I cannot see any reason at all why Bent should be completely out of the first-team picture.

Christian Benteke has done very well since signing from Genk this summer but could you imagine the two of them together? I know Lambert cites the 4-1 defeat to Southampton as evidence against using a 4-4-2 but what does that prove? That his defenders can't defend? What has that got to do with Bent? It's not his fault they conceded four goals.

If you are going to try and defend to stay in the Premier League it is going to be a long season. You are better off trying to score some goals. Goalscorers are worth their weight in gold, yet they leave him in the stands.

Bent has his limitations, of course he does. He does all of his work in the penalty area - but that is what he is paid to do. He might not be the hardest working player around but I certainly wouldn't categorise him as lazy. He does a shift, never appears to have an attitude problem.

I like Lambert as a manager but I am trying to find a reason for this and I can't. It is inexplicable.