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Puncheon blanks BBC after MOTD alleged ‘bullying’

Crystal Palace winger Jason Puncheon responded to his awful penalty miss last week in the best manner possible, by scoring the winner against Stoke City at the weekend.

But he also responded to so-called 'bullying' by the BBC by ignoring them afterwards.

Puncheon was widely derided by fans and pundits for his spot-kick shocker against Tottenham, when he blasted the ball high and wide from 12 yards.

He was given particularly harsh treatment by the BBC’s Match of the Day panel, who branded it one of the worst penalty misses in Premier League history.

Just look at the image below - you can see the ball top left, so far wide of the goal it is almost out of shot.

So, after his subsequent heroics against Stoke, Puncheon ‘did a Fergie’ and completely blanked the Beeb.

It may seem a bit of an extreme reaction from Puncheon, who exactly one year ago raised chuckles by leaving the field of play to take a poo while playing for Southampton.

He responded to subsequent 'he sh**s when he wants' chants in good humour.

But not this time.

While Puncheon is unlikely to be rebuked for shunning post-match duties - as a player, he is entitled to choose who he speaks to - he could still be in hot water for a series of controversial tweets following his penalty miss, one of which appeared to question the integrity of his former manager Neil Warnock.

Still, the Beeb did get their man in the end – by using an interview filmed for a press agency instead.