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Overreaction Theatre: Messi + Ronaldo + Suarez = BENDTNER!

Anyone who has seen Nicklas Bendtner play for Arsenal over the past few years will understand why there is a general lack of faith in him. So there was no surprise when one fan reacted to his introduction as a sub against Cardiff with a rather rash promise:

In fairness to James 'Raul' Stokes, he followed through on his promise despite the fact that Bendtner's goal wasn't technically a winner:

Most contented themselves with more normal proclamations that Bendtner's true genius has now been revealed:

Shame he just doesn't "want" a bit more often, eh? Many fans even backed up their assertions of Bendtner brilliance with hard statistics:

Other praise came from famous sources:

And as for these? OT has yet to decide whether or not these two are genuine frothings of rabid fans, or works of satirical genius:

Bendtner might now be hailed as a hero after years of being awful, but some players reputations seem set in stone. Step forward Ashley Young, who might have expected some sympathy after being denied a clear penalty against Tottenham. Needless to say, he didn't get it:

Reaping what you sow? Very biblical. Perhaps all these Spurs and Man City fans were inspired by their annual trip to church for midnight mass, because the whole reaping thing was a common theme:

Not everyone gets religious on Young, however - unless 'Payback!' is one of the books of the forthcoming, long-awaited "The Bible 2: Damnation of the Divers":

Either way, everyone agrees that for all Moyes's moaning, Manchester United have only one man to blame for the penalty not going their way - and that man is Ashley Young:

On to Liverpool's win over Hull, and while Brendan Rodgers didn't Tweet the following garbage, it deserves a place in Overreaction Theatre regardless:

"I said to the players afterwards that I thought that was our best win of the season." - Brendan Rodgers

More measured analysis came from Liverpool fans who said it all about Luis Suarez's season so far:

Not everyone was so pithy with their analysis. One particular stats nerds decided that seeing Luis Suarez hit the mid-point of what could well be a 40+ goal season is a reason to shoehorn in some praise for a long-gone Anfield legend. Unfortunately, someone else decided that nerd should be entrusted with the BBC's Match of the Day Twitter feed:

A Liverpool fan working on Match of the Day? Who'd have thunk it, eh?