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Overreaction Theatre: Howard Webb makes worst decision in human history

Ah, Howard Webb. We've been here before.

More than once, actually.

And so, after Luis Suarez missed out on a stonewall penalty against Arsenal at the Emirates, the inevitable happened.

Over in the real world, Webb might be one of the world's most respected refs but in Twitterland he is long-established as the refereeing profession's go-to fall guy. And although he should also have sent off Steven Gerrard, it was the Suarez incident that proved decisive, provoking some typically level-headed reaction.

Worst refereeing decision ever? Even worse than this one?

Or, come to think of it, this one?

In fact, why limit ourselves to mere refereeing decisions? Surely Webb's gaffe was on a par with Napoleon sending his army in Russia in the middle of winter with no overcoats?

Or Decca refusing to sign up The Beatles?

Or, y'know, this?

Daniel Sturridge himself was moved to make his feelings known - though Overreaction Theatre is only really showing this tweet for the failed attempt to spread the hashtag #dstudge.

It's not the first time Liverpool have felt the rough end of Mr Webb's pineapple...

Although the fan who actually bothered to do his research rather disappointingly showed Liverpool won a game reffed by Webb earlier this season. Pfff, facts! Who needs 'em?

Still, there was plenty of merriment to be had as the Photoshop brigade ran riot.

Incredibly, it wasn't even the first Howard Webb meme of the day. Earlier, he caused much amusement with his outraged reaction to Raheem Sterling daring to touch him.

So cheer up, Howard. At least nobody's going on about that any more...