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Only one Luis Suarez? Not any more, as doppelganger hits Merseyside

An Iraqi Liverpool fan who visited England recently ran into something of an unusal problem: everywhere he went he found himself mobbed by Reds fans.

The man travelled to England recently to watch Brendan Rodgers's men play, and managed to run into Daniel Sturridge - with whom he even posed for pictures and videos, as you see on this page.

His problems didn't come when running into the Uruguayan striker's team-mates, however: it was the fans around Merseyside who were the problem.

The man was interviewed on Iraqi TV when he returned home, saying how he had to constantly throw his arms up and shout, "I'm not Luis Suarez!" every few minutes as he was badgered by autograph hunters.

Still, it could have been worse. Just imagine if he'd happened to be a Manchester United fan instead - he'd not have got away with a few autograph requests while watching a match from the Stretford End at Old Trafford...