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Moyes ‘cancels traditional United panto, instead gives speech’

David Moyes has reportedly upset many people at Manchester United after he took the controversial step of cancelling the club's traditional Christmas pantomime.

Moyes is believed to be so frustrated with his side's performances of late that he has decided that it is time to crack down on such frivolous festive distractions.

With United currently struggling in eighth place in the Premier League table, Moyes reportedly decided to cancel the annual panto at the club's Christmas lunch.

"This year's Christmas lunch contrasted heavily to those under Sir Alex Ferguson, which were filled with fun," a source reportedly told The Sun.

"This time it was far more serious thanks to the new manager's speech. The youth team stars were gutted not to put on a show."

According to paper, Fergie used to serve soup in the kitchen 'wearing a pinny' before settling down to watch the panto, while youth players would jokingly mock the senior pros.

Moyes, however, opted instead to scrap the panto and give a speech himself.

One youth team player once famously wore a Shrek mask and a curly wig back in 2010 to tease Wayne Rooney following the England forward's hair transplant.

Michael Carrick, who was forced out of the Villa match with injury, raised some Christmas spirit as he started the seventh annual Santa Run at Old Trafford.

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