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Mourinho shows his ‘special’ side at Chelsea conference

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has been called many things during his days at the helm of various European giants.

It’s probably not too farfetched to think that the self-proclaimed ‘Special One’ has been referred to as ‘the arrogant one’ or ‘the childish one’ by managers, players and fans down the years.

The fiery Portuguese has ruffled a few feathers during his 21 years in management, but upon his return to Stamford Bridge he claimed that he was no longer ‘the Special One.’ Instead he is now apparently ‘the happy one.’


Bearing a smile to his first press conference back at Chelsea that only Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire Cat could emulate, Mourinho declared that returning to a club he loves after a nine-year gap had made him a different person. And it certainly seems that the 50-year-old remains true to his word.

Sarcastic, phlegmatic but always entertaining in his press conferences, Mourinho took the latest edition to a new level. Ahead of the Blues’ clash with Steaua Bucharest, the Chelsea boss called up on a translator to deliver his answers to those from Romania. And, in typical fashion, he went off on a tangent in response to the media’s questions.

Finally realising that the translator needed to repeat everything in Romanian, the Portuguese began to whip off his jumper as the man to his right began relaying the words.

Grabbing a pen and frantically scribbling on the garment, Mourinho then handed the signed jumper to his translator before apologising and declaring: “Who pays this guy, Chelsea? Double his wages!”