Early Doors

Manchester United’s #AskCarrick fan interaction degenerates into PR disaster

The above picture is one of the many reasons to be thankful to Manchester United for deciding to follow in the footsteps of many, brave, official Twitter accounts and offer followers the chance to put questions to someone famous using an 'Ask' hashtag.

However, given the way United's season has gone so far - and especially how many of their fans hold their meek midfield showings as particularly responsible for their shortcomings - #AskCarrick has Early Doors eager to pose the Red Devils a Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? question of its own:

"So, you've finally jumped on the Twitter bandwagon after years of missing out on guaranteed social media presence with only a scarcely-known 'press office' account. You wish to make up for lost time and give fans a chance to grill a first team player. Do you:

A) Wait for an optimum moment - i.e. when United are back in the top four or have just defeated a significant rival club

B) Do it during a tough time for new boss David Moyes, but perhaps use a player such as new signing Juan Mata, who'll at least trigger some happy thoughts from the fans

C) Postpone a Twitter Q&A and do one on Facebook for the time being - at least you can quickly delete comments posted on your own thread

Or D) Put up a player who is extremely vulnerable to vitriol immediately after yet another humbling defeat

Unfortunately, the communications team at Old Trafford opted against phoning a friend - surely whoever they rang, would have told them "ANYTHING BUT D)!!!"

But enough of us mocking a social media faux pas that backfired spectacularly - especially when these guys did such a fantastic job themselves. Here are the best of the replies to #AskCarrick:

And, taking us home, is one Tweet which pretty much sums up the mood of United supporters these days: