Early Doors

Hilarious Moyes gif goes viral as he gets ‘The Simpsons’ treatment

Early Doors

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David Moyes is used to being the butt of internet jokes after a season with Manchester United which has produced fail after fail, and plenty of lols along the way.

Many of the memes used to slate the United boss have made fun of his shocked impression on the sidelines, or the staggering nature of some of his team's defeats.

But now the luckless United boss is provoking giggles for a new reason: an unfortunate incident which saw him struck by a ball in a rather tender area in United's Champions League defeat to Bayern Munich.

One internet wag was quick off the mark to weave the incident into a classic Simpsons clip, showcasing Hans Moleman's cinematic classic, 'Man Gets Hit By Football.

As we are sure you will agree, this hilarious mash-up captures the mood perfectly, giving us another reason to have a snigger at United and their manager this season.

As Homer might say: D'oh!

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