Early Doors

German outdoes Rivaldo with fake injury in touchline tussle

Early Doors

A German football coach has become part laughing stock and part global hero after his absolutely hilarious antics at a lower league match.

Tempers were already rising in a crunch end-of-season match between Alemania Haibach and Viktoria Kahl - it was over 30 degrees - but things got even hotter when Kahl's manager tried to start a touchline barney with his opposite number.

Kahl's manager - who, according to Germany's Primavera 24, is former Bosnian star Muhamed Preljevic - never got close to Klaus Hildenbeutel, however, as one of Haibach's coaches stepped up to get in his way.

The usual pushing and shoving followed - and the rib-tickling results of that confrontation can be seen in the video above. Wonderful stuff.

To make matters even better, Haibach ended up winning the match 2-1. But more important to most of us will be that this unknown coach has done the impossible, by pulling off a fake injury to usurp Rivaldo as the holder of football's all-time funniest fake injury" award - you know, the one he won by doing this:

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