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Former West Brom player finds bizarre way to stop forward scoring

In this bizarre and utterly ridiculous incident, former West Brom defender Ryan Donk of Turkish club Kasimpasa decided to lob an additional football at the feet of a Besiktas forward who looked about to test the goalkeeper from inside the box.

The best bit? His ‘what have I done?’ reaction to the referee.

Donk was shown a yellow card before the referee decided to play on via a dropped ball.

We have two big questions from all this:

Firstly: Is a yellow card the right punishment for such a crime? Our 1973 referee's rule guide here in the office does not deal with such an eventuality.

And secondly: How and when did Donk even get his hands on the second ball?

If you can help dear readers then we are all ears!

That wasn't the last of the controversy with the Besiktas midfielder Manuel Fernandes being attacked by a fan racing onto the pitch to try to stop the former Everton player.

Hugo Almedia and Ramon de Morais Motta of Besiktas were sent off before the fan was carted off by local police after a crazy scrum broke out moments later.

Perhaps it was understandable with Kasimpasa running out 2-1 winners over Besiktas in one of the most bizarre games of the year.