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Brazil’s U17s simply give up and stop playing against USA

They say in football you should play until the final whistle, or, of course, you could always just...well not!

Earlier this week, the Brazil U17s took the latter approach as they were so disgusted with how the referee's decisions had gone against them in a friendly match against the United States that they decided to  simply stop playing.

After having a second player sent-off five minutes from time, the Brazilians just stood with hands on hips and refused to play on.

The Americans were leading 4-1 at the time so they decided to just hold onto the ball and wait until the end of the game.

The referee was clearly not impressed, not only did he not bother with injury time, but he decided to blow the final whistle a whole 27 seconds before the 90 minutes were up.

It was only a Nike sponsored friendly match but one suspects FIFA won't be too impressed with the footage above.