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Balotelli reveals new incredible new ‘intergalatic’ haircut

Mario Balotelli's hair (@FinallyMario)

Have you ever caught yourself wondering, "What would it look like if I combined a conventional mohawk with a bunch of elaborate, asymmetrical, intergalactic hieroglyphics?"

Of course you have. And so has Mario Balotelli - the difference is, he did something about it.

And the Milan striker has shared pictures on his Twitter account of the artistic new haircut which he was proud to show off to the world.

Now, we know that Balotelli likes to experiment and is certainly not a fan of restraining himself when it comes to getting his hair cut. History has told us this.

From a tribal patterned mohawk to a bleached blond version to a number 17 surrounded by different coloured diamonds edition – there really is no limit to his creativity in the barber’s shop.

Balotelli is no shrinking violet, and he likes to show everyone how mohawks and fancy patterns can transform a man’s image from ‘crazy eccentric’ to ‘very crazy eccentric’ and back again.

The Italian’s wonderful effort has already been celebrated through social platforms, but now is your chance to share your thoughts and feedback.

Has Balotelli outdone himself again or has he let the side down with his latest nonsensical but fantastical masterpiece? Post your thoughts below…