PSG should keep faith with Ancelotti

Paris Saint-Germain are under great pressure due to their situation. Winning the French championship is the minimum expected of them - and they know that.

In the Champions League the expectations are not the same, so they probably escape from that pressure. On the other hand, when someone spends a lot of money like that, patience is not his first quality.

Football is a special case though: sometimes success comes as quickly as you expect it to, but sometimes it doesn't.

The PSG directors should stay patient because they have a good staff, a great team, and several exceptional players. But when you have superstars in your team, you expect unconsciously that these players will always make the difference.

I cannot see them dismissing [Ancelotti].Firstly, because time is necessary for the coach; secondly, we shouldn't pretend to the players that if results are not forthcoming immediately that it is the coach's fault and not theirs.

Also, it's important that when a great club is confronted with a difficult period that they show solidity in order to create a collective strength.

I don't know [about Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho being linked with the PSG job]. For me, the most credible candidate is Ancelotti, the man in the job.

When there are rumours, people want to see them become fact - but it is the responsibility of the directors, the people who are in charge, to dictate club policy, not rumour.

Otherwise, the club is not strong enough to be the master of its own destiny.

I have also been linked with the job. But I've already got a job and I'm trying at this moment to re-establish the order of my "own house" because everything is not all right there. I'm concentrated on that, and nothing else.

PSG did not contact me, and I think they should support Ancelotti. For my part, I must show loyalty to my employers, my club and my contract. I still have one and half years of work to do at Arsenal.