If Argentina win it, Messi will be the best ever

People say Lionel Messi is not at the top of his game, but Barcelona won La Liga in a very convincing way last season, with over 100 goals.

People judge on the moment but his last season was truly amazing. He has the opportunity to be the best of all time.

Argentina still doesn’t know it but Lionel Messi can give a big win to his country.

If he achieves it during the Brazil World Cup he will be the best player ever.

But it won’t be easy: Argentina have many great forwards, but defensively they are not great. Their defence has not been very convincing, especially in South Africa in 2010 and also in qualifying.

If Argentina do find a balance however, they will be one of the favourites for the trophy.

Colombia will be a big threat with Falcao, and Chile also has a very strong team with Alexis Sanchez from Barcelona and Arturo Vidal from Juventus.

Do not forget Chile. They have a very good team and proved that by winning 2-0 against England at Wembley.